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The Scope
DNA electrophoresis is a central technology for molecular biology, medical diagnosis, forensics, and microbial identification.
The Problem
Conventional gel technology is slow and has poor resolution. These shortcomings are due to an excessive heat generation produced by the standard conductive media in use for the past 40 years.
The Solution
We invented new conductive media that are ideal for DNA electrophoresis.  The lower electrical current of our buffers give you sharper resolution, rapid separations, and more freedom in your electrophoretic protocols. Published in BioTechniques 2004; 36:214-216 (the original sodium boric acid report), Analytical Biochemistry 2004; 333:1-13 (the first lithium report), and BioTechniques 2004; 37:598-602. Our SB and LB products are covered by U.S. Patents. 7,163,610 and 7,811,437. 

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FBM products allow high-voltage and high-resolution separations. You save time and get higher resolution.




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