For credit card purchases,
print and fax a pdf form.


Ship Attn To:
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100g Tap-Out agarose, $130 (quantity)
1-liter 10X LB, $45.42 (quantity)
4-liter 10X LB, $128.40 (quantity)
1-liter 20X LB, $72.54 (quantity)
4-liter 20X LB, $211.78 (quantity)
10-liter 20X LB, $395.78 (quantity)
20-liter 20X LB, $709.32 (quantity)
8-Pack, LB loading medium, $43.14 (quantity)
50-Pack, LB loading medium, $179.74 (quantity)
4-liter 20X LA, $122.60 (quantity)
8-Pack, LA loading medium, $43.14 (quantity)
1-liter 10X SB, $45.42 (quantity)
4-liter 10X SB, $128.40 (quantity)
1-liter 20X SB, $72.54 (quantity)
4-liter 20X SB, $211.78 (quantity)
10-liter 20X SB, $395.78 (quantity)
20-liter 20X SB, $709.32 (quantity)
8-Pack, SB loading medium, $43.14 (quantity)
40-Pack, SB loading medium, $169.06 (quantity)
Subtotal ($)

Sales tax (Maryland non-tax exemt buyers only - 6%) and freight charges (ground) will be added at time of invoicing.

Tax exempt status for Maryland non-profits and governmental agencies can be declared using the separate one-time form.

For Canada and other countries outside NAFTA, any duty/tax will be billed separately to you by the courier.