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The Letters Continue to Roll In
From Europe - I have tested your LB® and LA® media with very good results.
From a New York principal investigator - I want to be part of the revolution!
From a midwest teacher - We
switched to using LB®. We can
now teach the entire restriction
digest and DNA electrophoresis
lesson in a single, standard class

From a professor in England - Congratulations on challenging the Tris establishment!

From a postdoc - Your boric acid discovery would have saved me days of time, if not weeks! Fantastic!

From a South Carolina biologist - We're doing a genome mapping project and I have to run gels on lots of PCR samples, sometimes 200 to 400, in a day. This has become a HUGE time saver.
From the senior scientific officer of a midwest biotech firm - Just downloaded the order form for some revolutionary SB™ medium. I cannot wait to try it out!!! I'm joining in the 'Tris is dead' revolution!

From a governmental lab investigator - We bought a Superman poster, cut out the "S" and put it on the container of SB. We call it "SuperBuffer".

From a senior lab tech - Today, I was driving to work a bit more excited than usual because I was interested to see how the SB would turn out (what can I say, I'm a lab nerd).  After running hundreds and hundreds of samples with TBE, I was exhausted and tired of waiting long periods to run my experiments. That is why I am writing to both of you!  I was flabberghasted after just 15-20 minutes of electrophoresis which normally takes 1.5 hours, my bands looked sharper, brighter, and cleaner! I can't thank both of you enough! You have converted our lab.
From a Canadian Genetics Service - We just ordered a bottle of SB buffer, and it's truly fantastic how quickly and nicely our gels are running now.
From a new LB customer - Wow. The gel looked GREAT. No more TAE or TBE for this Southern Belle! THANKS!!!!
From a Philadelphia PI after trying LB - That stuff is nice!...we're going to switch over. BTW, it seems to work well for RNA, too.
From an academic PI and founder of a lab software company- I just now read about your discovery about DNA gel buffers!!! Nice Work!!...It is the massive dysfunction of our current science system that is creating the herds and the stagnation...It shouldn't have taken 30 years to figure out that Tris has no place as a buffer for DNA gels.