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If in fact the new buffer increases separation, resolution, and reduces run time, we may soon see many abandon the use of tris-based buffers.
Faculty of 1000 review, Univ. of Utah Developmental Biologist

It the authors' statement that sodium boric acid "simply outperforms existing DNA electrophoretic media" is true, then this system is truly revolutionary.
Faculty of 1000 review, Australian Microbiologist

What's great about this is that everyone has been doing it the same way for thirty years, not bothering to think about improving the method since it worked well enough and, you know, that's the way everyone does it. Now these guys come along and deliver a smack-your-forehead moment to every molecular biologist in the world. Scientist, Malice Aforethought web-blog

These optimized conditions for higher voltage nucleic acid electrophoresis should go a long way to relieve the tedium of waiting for a slowpoke gel or the agony of producing a molten mess of agarose
BioSpotlight, BioTechniques 2004; 37:507